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At the time about a year and a half ago, my two year old developed a chronic cough, a cough that with multiple medication, inhaler etc just stuck around my son like a demon, leaving him and us helpless. Someone recommended us to visit Dr. Jyoti Lalwani who is a nutritionist. My husband, son and me fixed a date with our future lifestyle. On our first appointment we were enlightened with our eating habits and how wrong we were with everything we were subjecting our body too. She did not stop us from eating anything, only organized our way of eating.

She suggested we stop dairy completely after seeing my son's allergy report, since he tested allergic to milk, cheese etc. Following a dairy free diet diligently, made him stop coughing completely. Came to nil. This experience taught us a whole lot. We have also started following a dairy free diet now, and that has helped us improve our health, mental and physical.

The diet she prescribed targeted our health on the whole, not just cutting on calories. She urged us to eat healthy that's it, nothing else. Everytime we visited i would moan about my weight, she gave no heed to it, as she was more concerned with our health.

Thank you for giving us a better lifestyle Dr. Lalwani!
Dheer, Dr. Geeta and Dr. Siddharth Herani
"DO YOU GET THE CONNECT" is what you get from the Doc, post 6 months I can say that for sure !!!

Hi, myself Israr Khan (37 years), I was one of the lucky people to met Dr. Jyoti, obviously things weren't in place when I met her on 23rd April 2018 with 98 kgs, with as usual all report showing the top line, since I am a very logical person, things weren't that difficult to understand when I started talking of my food habits for the first time.

Upfront she told we will change your lifestyle to a healthy one, not a strict diet but a "NEGOTIATED" one which one can follow or post few weeks it falls flat if its one sided
Today after loosing 8 kgs, everything is different, all is now wearable if you know what i mean, compliments form all corners

Specially health showing all good signs and many painful things automatically disappeared, thanks to her for her patience and always sharing something positive on personal visits to boots one's confidence and take that positive energy back, not many may know about her Pranic side, She gives you a lot of logical things, which we do from years but dint knew the reason we do it, e.g. ways to remove the negativity, specially during the initial phase

Overall a champ in her field, many have taken her contact details after seeing the results, Cheers to Dr. Jyoti............. please keep up the good work Doc :-)
Israr Khan
I have always struggled with obesity issues since childhood and can totally relate to the people who face challenges following a fitter lifestyle.

I met Dt. Jyoti Lalwani after a suggestion made by a dear friend as I was rapidly gaining weight at the age of 25. Honestly, I did not have high hopes initially considering my prior encounters with 'Dieticians'. My experience, however, turned out to be a complete opposite of what I had thought. I like to call Jyoti Lalwani a 'Lifestyle Modifier' and not just a Dietician.

Best part of Dt. Jyoti Lalwani is that she calmly listens to each of her patients and undertakes a holistic approach to the treatment. Her guidance is towards all facets of physical, medical and psychological well being. With the prescribed diet, I don't feel losing out on my favourite food. She just makes sure that her patients get enough nutrients from what they eat and her naturopathy solutions are quite efficient. Her clinic is equipped with the latest technology to ensure that the diseases are caught and treated before they take a toll on one's health.

She tries to make her diet plans realistic, achievable and maintainable, however, it goes without saying that committment, patience and consistency are the key to losing weight and staying fit. Under her guidance, I have been able to pull down 20 kgs in 9 months and my blood reports have come back to normal. I sincerely thank her for her personalised assistance.
Saloni Goel
Corporate Counsel, Citi
Hello, I am Kunal Dudeja, 32 years young IT guy working with Accenture. I am a person who believes in facts and figures. I met Jyoti in Feb 2015 where my weight fact was 102, my age 57 and figure was out of shape. The level of cholesterol and Obesity was almost at peak. After 2.5 months, my weight is 94 and Body Age is 43 and Obesity and cholesterol within limits. My target for the next 1.5 month is to bring my age to 32 which is my actual age and weight to 90.
During my transition of loosing fats and gaining muscles, I discovered:
Spending 30K in the gym in the last 4 years (And also not going to the Gym) was a waste of money and energy
Following a Diet is Not Equal to Fasting or Starving or Killing myself
There was not a huge change in the diet
I become what I Ate
There was more energy left at the end of the day
There was no Big Deal about controlling that chocolate or mango or pastry or burger. They did not really matter as my focus was on getting into shape. Must admit that once in a month I would cheat a little and take a bite of chocolate. (Tasting not equal to consuming in large quantity)
I would highly recommend you to visit Jyoti for Diet planning and consultancy. If you follow the diet that she will provide to the “T”, you will see superb results. And then when you gain the momentum of loosing weight or gaining weight based on your need, you will never feel like letting go of the momentum. You would want to see more results and quicker results. Common, who doesn’t? So get into the momentum quickly without wasting any time
Kunal Dudeja
It was 20th of March 2014 when we started working on my ill health which comprised of a bloated weight (110.6 Kgs), high levels of Cholestrol, Uric Acid, Triglycerides and low levels of Vitamin D, Vitamin B. For a 33 year old, all this was scary. You made me believe that all this is REVERSIBLE if I follow a healthy diet and we have never looked back doctor. From a waist size of 42+ inches, I have dropped to 37 ½ inches in 3 ½ months and my weight has dropped to 89.1 Kgs. My blood reports show normal levels of all that I had in excess. And that gets me to remember the word that you said “REVERSIBLE”.
I have enjoyed every bit of my diet, because you explained me the science behind it. When I started getting results, you started giving me more leverages to eat foods like SIZZELERS and home made EGG FRANKIE and brown bread sandwich. The most amazing fact was that I was eating stomach-full and watching my weight go down and my waist size just kept getting better. Another astonishing fact was that I started feeling more energetic and younger.
Compliments still keep flowing in as people and colleagues get astonished with the fact that a 20+ Kgs drop in weight is possible with the correct diet and brisk walk and without any medicines or surgery.
You are always available over WHATTS APP whenever I needed your guidance. And I hope to remain your friend for life. Thanks for being an important part of my life and making a considerably huge difference in my life. Luv you Doctor Jyoti
Sumeet Gupta
AGM - Human Resource
"When I first met Ms. Jyoti Lalwani, my list of complaints included shortness of breath, rapid weight gain and lethargy to name a few. I looked so much older than what my actual age was! But once she prescribed a disciplined diet for me, in a short span of five weeks, all my complaints were redressed! I started not just feeling young but also looking young! And her positive, ever-charged-up attitude really makes you believe that your health issues can be so easily solved by making few simple changes in your diet. I am so grateful for her guidance!"
Thank you for helping me bring the right change in my life and lifestyle. What I like about you the most is your practical approach to dieting...the way u incorporate it in our daily routine, the options and variety you becomes very doable. Also i like the way you educate and explain about eating right. It helps us understand what we are doing and why. Your practical approach to life, relationships and diet is very inspiring. You are very approachable and non judgemental.
I would like to share my personal experiences that with just change in your diet can save your life & give u a whole new meaning to live.
In the month of January 2005 I was feeling a bit low & using the toilet very often to pee, even at nights I use to get up.
But I was unaware about anything that was coming up & there you go I somehow cut my ring finger tip, I applied some ointment & was least worried about it but it didn't happen to cure for almost a week so without any option I had to visit the doctor & he bandaged the finger & advised me to get my blood sugar tested,
So the next day I did my test for blood sugar fasting & after my meals & I was really surprised to see my reports that I was "A DIABETIC" , my reports read as 185 fasting & 265 after meals
I got a shock of my life, everyone in the family got worried & the most was my wife.
She immediately called her very good friend Mrs Jyoti R Lalwani (Dietician)
She advised her to get me to her clinic ASAP
She weighed me with her ultra modern body checking weight machine & found out that visceral fat, cholesterol, fat near my body organs all were very high & my actual age being 30. The machine was showing that the inner age of my body was 50+
So all said and done, we had to do something about it, which I didn't know what but Mrs Jyoti Lalwani the dietician or I should say a magician or in simple word's a God's Messenger
She gave me her diet plan chart to follow in my daily to daily routine with some breathing exercises
It was a task for me as all of a sudden drastic changes in my eating habits & eating timetables which never in my 30 years of age had followed.
So I followed her given diet plan religiously & to my surprise in the 1st week only without any medication my finger got cured & within a month my body weight reduced & waistline dropped from 36" to 34".
I was feeling light n nice n full of energy & got my blood sugar tested & to my surprise it came down to, fasting 115 & after meals to 165 which was still more but see the difference & I was happy and full of joy
This diet chart continued for some few months & the result was from A DIABETIC to A NON DIABETIC all results were normal
Forgot to mention I had a high BP also which was cured simultaneously with some changes in my diet plan
So I am blessed to have a wife who took very good care of me & Mrs Jyoti Lalwani for giving her magical diet plan which changed my entire meaning of living in this world
I hope who ever reads this, gets inspired & by just modifying their diet n lifestyle can save his & others life & lives a healthy & non medicated life.
All the best to all the readers & God Bless
Dinesh Rohra
If anyone wants to ensure his wealth, then he requires wealth management but I have learnt differently, that if I can manage health; wealth will be automatically managed, thanks to Jyoti ma’am, who helped me in redefining my basic.
Rajesh Gupta,
Ms. Jyoti Lalwani is a part of the visiting faculty in Aadhaar which is part of Employee Relations and Development. We are very happy with the response and results of the diet clinic and are confident of being able to use it effectively for our employee development plans and training interventions.
The conceptual depth and commitment shown by Ms. Jyoti Lalwani is commendable. We have found her to be very responsive to our needs and always very eager to help resolve any issues. Her working style is flexible and is willing to go that extra mile for attaining results. I am very happy personally with the experience, and would definitely look forward to continue this partnership.
Mrs S Gharg
ER&D Mahindra & Mahindra Tractor Division
I know Ms. Jyoti Lalwani since she was the chief dietician at Hinduja Hospital. We have worked as a team in the health check up and various lectures on women’s day and also worked on project of bone density for menopausal women. The Adolescent Health Committee of FOGSI has publish a book entitled ‘A Gynec Manual on Adolescent Girls and Young Women’. Ms.Jyoti has been major part of our project Smart diet for teens in which lectures in various schools were given and training programmes for the gynaecologists of of other states of India was done
Concept : Adolescent Gynecology is an important subspeciality, as it has long term implications. Today’s adolescent girls and young women are tomorrow’s mothers and responsible citizens. The management of reproductive health in adolescent girls and young women (10 to 24 years of age) involves understanding, friendly approach and use of newer drugs, methodology as well as technologies whenever possible. This book is useful not only to clinicians, teachers and post graduate students but also public health specialists as well as NGOs working for young people.
In view of your vast experience in the field of ‘Adolescent Gynecology’, Jyoti has contribute a chapter on ‘Do's and Don'ts of diet in adolescent girls and young women' for this book and is one co-author. She also delivered a lecture as part of MOGS on Importance of nutrition in PCOS and we are also planning various projects in coordination with DietnLife in near future.
Dr. Ashwini Bhalerao Gandhi
PD Hinduja Hospital
27th June 2012, a day since I have never looked back in my life. My first appointment with Dr. Jyoti Lalwani, a day that is instrumental in making me a better person and changing my lifestyle. I was suffering from acute constipation and severe migraine since last 20 years. I had tried all sorts of different medications for both, but nothing was really giving permanent relief. Painkillers were of no help in migraine. My pain used to be there for more than a fortnight. I was taking laxatives every alternate day. Every month I changed my medicines or increase the dosage. I tried all the natural things like eating papaya every day, introduced fibers in the diet, ayurvedic medicines, but all had a temporary effect. I was confused where I was going wrong. I was gaining weight, my health adversely affected my family life and I developed a low self-esteem, till I went to Dr.Jyoti. She gave clarity about where I was wrong in my diet. She set things right for me. Explained me what is correct for my body structure. Counseled me for a high positive self-esteem. She gave me proper scientific reasons for where I was going wrong and what would help me to improve my health. As I started following her diet, things improved in just 2 months. I started loosing weight, migraine pains reduced to a great extent and constipation almost disappeared. Today my family and I live a healthy life and have a high positive self-esteem.
Ms Charu Modi
Pranic Healer
All we think of ‘ starving ‘ when it comes to a word called DIET. But when it comes from respected dietician “Ms. Jyoti Lalwani’’, our perception does become false. She is the ONLY dietician whom I’ve come across who’s not reduced the intake of meal but applied different methods to nullify the effect of calories. Since I’ve started following her diet for last 3 months, I not only shed off my weight but feel very energetic and happy. This brilliant lady does inculcate in us that the diet prescribed by her becomes a way of our life which is her clinics name too “Diet N Life” Thanks a ton Ms. Lalwani for making impossible, A Possible in my life.
Swapna Gurav
Branch Operations Manager
Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd
Ever since I met Dr. Jyoti Lalwani there has been a complete transformation in my physical appearance. Eventually her diet tips have done wonders and I have seen a gradual change in my physique. She is very conscientious when it comes to her job as a dietician. What differentiates her from others is the temperament towards her patients and dealing them with ease. For me, it’s always been an exhilarating experience with her as a patient. I strongly recommend her for all your diet and health related needs. She is the one with sublime soul and I wish her all the very best in her future endeavors.”
Keshup Gurbani
HR dept
I really want to thank you for all your help. I have lost about 8 kgs in about 2 months. I have also lost over 3 inches from my waist. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful I feel since these changes. It's a good, healthy plan for me and I feel I can keep working on it. I like it because it's very flexible and teaches me how to know what I am eating as well as how much I am eating. In a way, I feel like it gives me a lot of "freedom" to choose without going "hungry" at any time during the day. I have been truly satisfied with the whole program- from the cost and value of the program, to the support, and my outcome. I couldn't have asked for more than I've received. Also Ms. Jyoti, you are an outstanding dietician and nutritionist. You have great knowledge of what works in the real world and what motivates individuals to make dietary changes.
Gautam Jajodia
I consulted Dr.Jyoti lalwani a year back to correct my eating habits and a desperate need to lose the extra pounds. The first time when I visited her, the calm, friendly but very firm lady put me in place by not yielding to my demand of putting me on a crash diet to lose 5 – 7 kgs in a month. The process was slow but very sure and I lost the extra kilos and gained my self confidence back, what's more today I have understood my food habits and the nutrition needs of my body all thanks to Jyoti who had the assurance in me that I could surely do it. She not only consulted me on nutrition but became my lifestyle counselor. I would like to thank this wonderful lady for all the support and confidence she expressed in me.
Aminah Murumkar
I started my consultation with Ms. Jyoti to loose weight in November. She gave a diet to follow and also guided me as how I could improve my health and my life by making me aware of my strengths and weaknesses. Normally a dietician does not cover these aspects but Ms. Jyoti is different. She has the ability to understand a person completely and heal that person both physically and psychologically a rare quality. One can be fully cured if these deep rooted problems are understood and removed completely. My life has changed completely after meeting Ms. Jyoti. I cannot explain as to what I have achieved and all the credit goes to Ms. Jyoti who opened my closed doors and made me a complete person in all aspects. Thanks for being there for me.
Manit Keer
I have taken a diet plan for my father in law by email from Ms. Jyoti Lalwani as he could not personally come to the clinic. He has done very well on the diet programme and has lost 5 kgs weight which have relieved him of bloating in the stomach and knee pain. I am very thankful to her and impressed with her in depth knowledge.
Dr. Simran Mitta